Customized SEO and WHAT to change MORE?

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Are you sure that you have fully optimized your site. Have you checked all the settings and plugins. Look carefully, and check your site health status, Is it 100% ? Awesome if it is more than 85%. Look over your on page and off page SEO. I have taken some best advice from the SEO conquerors . And I’ve mixed add present you in more simple words about customized seo.

Customized seo | Things you should AVOID OF

use, usefulness, consumer

There are some things which are literally and truly impossible to achieve. Like, If you think that i want to rank my new website within 1 month of 25kd Keyword. Than I have to give you a disappointing answer a “NO”. You cannot rank your website in the first month. I will also suggest you to not take backlinks from websites where suspicious activity go through. You know like porn websites or telegram and more. Always and always take do follow backlinks. This will help you get your google adsense approval fast.

A tip for your security – Never tell about your website to anyone. There is a strong reason behind it, First it allows a sense of jealousy to your haters and the people who does not want you to grow. They will post your websites link to malicious websites(no follow websites). They try to hack your websites or try to report your websites. Click your ads multiple or 100 of times from 1 IP address which will eventually get your adsense money in inspection or can even be banned. These are important things in customized seo .


We have make a complete note from the conquerors of big sites. You always have a question in your mind! How can we rank our new website on 1st page of google? or What does customized seo mean and how does we can improve more? Here are the answers for all of your query.

What you really “customize” in your customized SEO or website?

Some of the unique elements that you can customize in your plan is to customize your website speed. Check again for unnecessary pictures and plugins which you does not use but still there. Delete them and also try to make sentences shorter which is very helpful for the readers. This will not only make your article look more presentable but also it makes easier to read short sentences.

4 customized seo strategy

  • Define your target and its needs

Now you have a nice topic a strategy and everything. But you don’t have a clarity of whom you targeting. This will end you up in somewhere 9or 10 th page of google. So always have a clear thought of niche and proper perspective of the area you are focusing. You also have to think of what the people are lacking. Why should they purchase your product or click on your website. You have to add some value to them.

  • URL attracts more than what you thought

A catchy title and may or may not attract literate audience but a captivating prescription of the product will do the work. Try to make the URL prescription this much attractive that the person just flowly click on your site.

  • Mobile optimization

Do you know? That more than 69% of people browse in phone. So if your site is not optimized for phones than we are sorry to say that your site is not gonna rank on page 1. Mobile optimization of your site is very much necessary. As a matter of fact 60% of people come back to your site from phone rather than 40% from desktop.

  • Social media

This is 20th century and if you are not in social media and you are blogger than we are really very very sorry. Facebook page, Instagram page and Youtube draws one of the largest traffic in the world. And what makes them more interesting and meaningful is that they all have do follow links. So hurry up make your profile and start using it to draw attention to your meaningful customers.