GOOGLE ADSENSE APPROVAL | Best tip and tricks

Earlier it was very easy to get a google adsense approval . You create a new adsense account, your account is reviewed by the adsense team and Boom you got the google adsense approval, now your blog can start showing ads and you earn a good money. But from now on there are some changes that have been made by google adsense team to get approval.

Google adsense approval | Select the NICHE which you are King of

Now my point is that, You should not select the niche where you are not compatible with or you just have half knowledge about that. And also do not go with the money (like high cpc) . Find your niche, your subject your targeted audience and make sure you give the complete information about that . The main reason why you should only write on the niche where you have complete knowledge is that because when you do not have the main points you will copy someone others work or you will paste someone others article to your blog , which will get you disapproved .

After selecting NICHE now you have to select LANGUAGE

It is one of the main point which google have already mentioned . No matter how many article you post on your site, you can only get google adsense approval when your blog language falls under language adsense policy . The blog which you are writing should also not contain offended language.

Purchase top level DOMAIN (.COM, .IN)

com, me, domain

Choosing a top level domain is one of the most important step for adsense approval . You are wandering that there are many people who get adsense approval in blogspot or .xyz domain. Let me give you two reason for this .

  • First their blogspot is very much older and they may have older adsense approval .
  • Their site traffic is very much higher (organic traffic).

So there are more reasons why you should switch to .com or .in domain . Now a days people are getting adsense approval faster in top level domains. However there are still chances to get google adsense approval in blogspot but it usually takes 4 to 6 months .


  • .COM
  • .IN
  • .NET
  • .GOV
  • .ORG
  • .INFO
  • .BIZ

Google adsense approval | User friendly MOBILE TEMPLATES

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Nowadays people preferably search more in smartphones rather than laptops. And you know that “First impression is your last impression”. So remember to choose your website template wisely and seo friendly. And remember to keep up to date your template .


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I will guarantee you without these pages you are not getting google adsense approval . So you have to update your website and add these pages . By creating these pages it will also boost your overall seo score of your website and it also make it clean and professional.


seal, seal of approval, high

To rank in google your blog has to be excellent in both quality and quantity . I would personally suggest you, change according to your target keyword competition . Now what does that means . Let me give you in brief –

Suppose your target keyword is “red dress” . Now there are 3 sites on the keyword “red dress”. The X website has written 700 words , Y website has written 500 words and Z website has written 600 words . Now to stand out and to rank you should write between 600 – 800 words at least . Take the average words of first three sites which are ranking on your target keyword . And then write accordingly .