GOOGLE TASKMATE newly updated Referral codes

Google Task Mate (beta version) is now available in india and it is working – Google has recently launched a part time freelancing app called google Task Mate in india which recently got 100,000 downloads in a week. However google is currently testing it in India as their beta version of the app . Google taskmate is currently only available for android variant and in future it may available to ios versions.

Task mate (beta version)

You can download the taskmate app from playstore .Even though anyone can download google taskmate freely, one needs invitation to access it. Google taskmate pays its users by completing variety of tasks . The tasks include translating sentences , taking pictures of nearby restaurants and a lots of small tasks .

Google taskmate: How to earn money from it ?


Google will provide some basics tasks to solve like clicking restaurants or side shops pictures , translating some sentences in your regional language, answer surveys and more . Additionally you can also skip task which you are not suitable for answering . After the completion of task , your task will be reviewed by system . After that you will get paid in your regional currency directly in your bank account .

Google taskmate: New referral codes to sign in |

The google taskmate application can be easily downloaded by users however this app only works on referral system. Referral codes are only being provided by googlers to the users. We cannot predict on the basis of what factor people are getting taskmate code. But once the app get completely releases it will sure give more codes to users.

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