How to become an IMPOSTOR in AMONG US ?

  • You can become an impostor much more likely to a person who did not read this article .
  • Most of the among us players are curious to become an impostor .

Among us is an online multiplayer game which has gain popularity after the ban of pubg in India . Among us has attracted millions of players world wide with its unique feature of play skills which include voting , killing and many more , There are two sets of character in the game one is crewmate and the other is impostor , people are more interested to become an impostor.

Among us : Impostor and Crewmate

Most of us have played police and thief game in our childhood, this is also similar just a bit advanced and virtual but the concept is same , so in this game there are two different character first one is imposter and the other is crewmate. Impostors work is to kill all the crewmates and also to save himself from others to recognize him as criminal . Crewmates have to identify the criminal by voting them out .

Among us : Play online game on Pc

Playing among us in pc would be very interesting . This you can do by installing PC emulator of among us .I personally recommend you one of the best emulator –nox player to download . one of the main reason to download nox is because it does not lag in between your game .

Among us : Why Impostor ?

It is voted as one of the most engaging character in among us by the players world wide . Impostor in the game are selected randomly therefore you cannot predict rather you or your friend is going to be the impostor or not . Some of the tricks and tips will help you to become impostor 70-80% more than the others .

Among us : Tips and tricks to become Impostor

I would like to share my own experiences which I have personally tried and it does work . Believe me you will find much more easier to become an impostor after reading the tricks.

  • Trick 1: Choose your name to be very short . Try to make your name with in 4 words .
  • Trick 2: Use symbols or special characters as a name.
  • Trick 3: Select dark color as your character dress .
  • Trick 4: Changing hat and skin color will also increase your chances too .

If you select police dress as your outfit in among us you will more likely to become a crewmate ..

  • Trick 6: If you have a pet switch fast as you can it increases your chance by 50%.