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Find impostor in among us
  • identifying impostors is the key feature of this game .
  • there are some tips and tricks to find and identify who is the impostor.

Among us is an online multiplayer game . There are two different character in the game .First is impostor and the other is crewmate .Here impostors work is to kill all the crewmates and save himself from getting caught .Crewmate has to find the impostor and save himself from getting killed by them .

Among us: to find IMPOSTOR you have to think like an Impostor


An impostor will more likely to kill you if you are alone . So walk in groups and remember to your surroundings players. The best key to identify the impostor is to remember your old impostor games . Moreover you should specifically beware from dark color players because most of the time they are the one who are impostors .

Among us: beware from fake tasks done by impostors

fake task perform by impostor

Since you don’t know who is the impostor, identify the people who are pretending to be a crewmate. In brief you can do this by being attentive , impostors are always in a hurry they always have a fear to get caught . For example if a player is pretending of completing a task, most probably he can be an impostor.

Among us: tips and tricks to find IMPOSTOR

Most of the time you play among us you are a part of crew . Of course identifying hidden killers are not an easy task , however there are few tips and tricks to find the impostors.

  • Crewmates should regularly held emergency meeting in order to stay updated . This is one of the most effective ways to find the impostors.
  • Look for people who are teleporting from room to room. This means they are venting .
  • A major weapon for crewmate is in the ADMIN ROOM . To find the impostor I think that admin room is of great advantage . You can check the players who are in different rooms , where are they hoping(how fast they are going to different rooms ).
  • In the end you should always know the player who are playing with you .