Best SCHOOLS in BOKARO | Admission, FEES, Cutoffs

Education is one of the essential learning phases from which a student succeed. Thus, a student has to choose the right school or the right teacher to be a mentor. Every student cannot be measured only by their academics performance; some are great at sports, few have talent in music or art; others have excellent academics. Every child is unique. We will be comparing school in all the aspects like Academics, sports culture, extra activities, fees and more. So be prepare to watch your child goes to the best schools in bokaro.


There is a saying that ” It does not depend on the school; it depends on the students studying in that school”, but it is not altogether correct. Every successful student can score more marks the real challenge is to convert a low scorer student into a great one. Here are the best hand picked best schools in bokaro list.

1. Delhi Public School (DPS Bokaro)

You have already heard of delhi public school (dps bokaro). Delhi public school is one of the most renowned schools in Bokaro, not only the infrastructure but also academics wise; This school has broken all the records. Sports activities are held regularly. In bokaro there are 2 dps in bokaro.

Admission criteria in dps bokaro

Admission criteria for 11th class is strictly based on the class 10th board exams. Generally in dps bokaro seat for 11th and 12th are available only for the students who score more than 90% in their respective board exams.

For more information related dps bokaro aadmission procedure click to this link——–

Fee structure of dps boakro

We have talked a lot of students from dps bokaro and we get to a conclusion. Being the best school in bokaro the fees is also higher as comparison to other schools.

Additional a bus fees of rs570 or 600 charges monthly.

2. Guru Gobind Singh Public School(GGPS Bokaro)

Coming down to our 2nd number school. Guru gobind singh public school is one of the best school in bokaro. Like its ground the academics is also as big and standard. ggps bokaro have maintain its legacy from past 40 years.

One of the oldest and best school. The key point of this school is they believe in focusing on knowledge rather than completion of course. Which I think is the personal best for each student.

Admission for ggps bokaro

Admission is as usual like other schools, you have to pass their written exams if you are in secondary classes. If you are in senior secondary which is 11th and 12th you have to follow their do’s and don’t. (Basically 10th marksheet)

Click here for further detail

Fee structure for ggps bokaro

Again the fees is high but the quality of education is also a standard.

3. CHINMAYA Vidyalaya PUBLIC SCHOOL (chinmaya boakaro)

This school is a unit of central chinmaya mission trust , MUMBAI. As a matter of fact this school has one of the most jee advanced cleared students in bokaro. That is why it comes under our third list. Chinmaya has always maintain its value of supremacy. One thing which is most loved by the students parents is that the discipline of the school.

Admission criteria for Chinmaya vidyalaya

As usual all schools have the same criteria for admission of new students. You can get more details here regarding registration.

Fee structure of chinmaya vidyalaya(bokaro)

Chinmaya fees is quite high. We have asked many students related this questions. First at the time of admission they generally take 40 to 45 thousand ₹. And later 7 to 8k as monthly fees.

4. Sree Ayyappa Public School Bokaro

Coming down to number 4 . Sree Ayyappa public school is also one of the best schools in bokaro. As its moto says “education is not life education is life itself”.

Admission criteria for Ayyappa Public School Bokaro

For class 1 to 9th you can click here for admission criteria in ayyappa public school bokaro.

For class 11th and 12th you can click here for admission details in ayyappa public school bokaro.

Fee structure of Ayyappa Public School Bokaro

Fee is as same as chinmaya school of bokaro. Registration fees is around 45 to 50k INR. and a per month of 5-6k INR for senior secondary.

5. D.A.V Public School Bokaro

It comes as one of the best schools in bokaro. The scope of research and knowledge is as vast as it’s academics.

Admission criteria for D.A.V School Bokaro

For admission details in Dav school bokaro click here .

Fee Structure of Dav school bokaro

LKG TO VIIIRs 3690.00
XI TO XIIRs 3940.00
XII (SCIENCE FEE)Rs   120.00
Monthly Charges
Tuition FeeLKG to VRs 1750.00
Tuition FeeVI to XRs 1900.00
Tuition FeeXI to XIIRs   2400.00
Transport Fee As applicable on the basis of stoppage
Admission Charges   LKG to X   Once at the time of admissionRs 4000.00
Admission Charges   XI to XII    Once at the time of admissionRs 6000.00